Circuit Board Repair Instead of a New System

Johnson Controls Circuit Board Repair

With the merger of major manufactures in the industrial HVAC market, finding parts for circuit boards can be difficult and expensive. Many of these companies no longer offer replacement boards in their catalogs or have raised the prices so high that they are cost prohibitive. In some cases, this has led to the unwanted necessity of upgrading the entire system just to solve the problem.

There’s an alternative solution when a HVAC control circuit board fails – Repair It!

Johnson Controls is one of the most common brands of BAS controls in the world. We repair all Johnson Control circuit boards including those for fire and security. We can repair the obsolete system instead of buying brand new equipment.

We are experienced at circuit board repair on all types of York ISN control boards from chillers, air handlers and all other automation systems. If you have an obsolete control board from a system no longer services, we can fix it for you.

We repair circuit boards for all Honeywell Automation Controls and building alarm systems including all Delta systems. When you have a circuit board failure, we are there to fix your components quickly and correctly… guaranteed.

We have expertise of repairing the full line of Siemens building control systems. Our technical repair experts can turn your dysfunctional circuit board in as low as two days. Contact us today to ask for more details.

With the prevalence of fire and security systems in today’s complex and energy efficient facilities circuit board repairs are  a good way to save money. We repair many brands of fire and security systems including Notifier, CardKey, Pyrotronics and Honeywell FS90.

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