Repair Your Circuit Boards and Stretch
Your Maintenance Budget

If your building control system is more than 10-years old, chances are good that a circuit board failure is in your future. And, you know what that means - costly downtime and expensive replacement parts.

Circuit Control Board RepairThere are many reasons why you should repair your circuit boards instead of buying a new control board. The most obvious is - you can save between 70 and 30% by repairing your circuit boards compared to replacing them!

A fried circuit board can be a serious hit to your maintenance budget. Many older systems are obsolete and a replacement board is no longer available. One call to the manufacturer and you're transferred to the sales department where they inform you that you need to invest $60,000 on the newest system.

Spring is the time to get ready the extreme summer heat. When you face a chiller repair due to a circuit board failure, let us repair it for you and save.

At TCS Board Repair, we repair all major systems and models and back it up with full one-year warranty. Not even the original manufacturers are willing to stand behind their boards with such a guarantee.

Johnson Controls Board Repair York Control Board Repairs Honeywell Controls Siemens Control Boards

Partial List of Systems, Brands and Models We Repair> Click Here

  • Chillers
  • AHU
  • RTU
  • VFD
  • I/O Boards
  • Actuators
  • Burner Controls

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Risk Free Repair Warranty

Risk Free Board Repair Warranty

When you choose to repair a HVAC circuit board you expect it to work like new. So do we and that is our main objective! That's why you receive something even the manufacturer won't offer you on electronics - a ONE YEAR warranty!

That's right; we guarantee every one of our circuit board repairs for one full year. You can rest easy knowing your board repairs will be done right and perform like new again ...GUARANTEED.

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Rush Repair Services

Urgent Board Repair ServiceWe understand the importance of your building systems to your productivity and bottom line. Our goal is to get you back online FAST!

We offer superior service and offer several options for quick turnaround to fit the urgency of your situation:

  • Vital 2-day Service
  • Urgent 5-day Service
  • Standard 10-day Service

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For immediate assistance, please call our board repair specialists at 734-708-4827

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