Spring Is the Time for Chiller Repair and Maintenance

Chiller Repair - Circuit Board RepairsSpring is the time to prepare for the extreme summer conditions with chiller maintenance and repair. If you discover your chiller control board has failed and it looks like your budget is going to take a big hit, you do have an option. Repair your chiller circuit board and save money. We can save you up to 70% versus being a new board.

Technological advancements and corporate mergers have created a challenging situation when you face chiller repairs. You may face the obsolescence trap.

Technology is always marching forward with greater computing power and newer system features. However, the latest and greatest chiller system means that your old reliable controls have become obsolete and not worth supporting. Manufacturers would rather sell you the new $60,000 system that you don't really need or have the budget purchase. All you need is a source for chiller control board repair.

The other factor is the merger or sale of manufacturers in the industrial HVAC market. Corporate acquisitions are not good for a brand's parts inventory. Parts support and stock levels are slashed to save money. Many of these companies no longer offer replacement boards in their catalogs or have raised the prices so high that they are cost prohibitive. Solving the problem is no longer a few phone calls away but a tedious search that often ends up empty.

There's an alternative solution when a control circuit board fails on your system - Repair it!

By repairing your existing board, you can save your maintenance budget thousands of dollars. For example, the price on a replacement York chiller control board has escalated to over $4,500. The cost to engineer and replace your system can easily exceed $70,000. Meanwhile, the cost of repairing the defective circuit board can be in the $1,200 range.

That's a substantial relief to your maintenance budget!

System failures due to chiller circuit board breakdown can put you in a huge, expensive bind. That is why the timing of your repairs is critical. To help alleviate this we so offer a choice of repair timing options: Vital 2-day Service, Urgent 5-day Service and Standard 10-day Service.

The TCS Board Repair Center can help you avoid the obsolescence trap and save your budget. We specialize in the repair of chiller circuit board and reconditioning of BAS electronic components from top industry manufacturers.

To discuss the your circuit board repair needs, please call our board repair specialists at 734-708-4827.

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