Board Repairs Options When You Need It FAST

When your building automation controls fail due to a dysfunctional circuit board, there is no time to waste. The phrase, "Time is money" is an absolute truth when your system goes down. We understand the importance of your building automation systems to your company’s productivity and bottom line.

Rush Repair Circuit BoardWe offer superior service and offer quick turnaround on your repairs with several service options to fit the urgency of your situation.

In this tough economy, you need to watch every dollar you spend and can’t afford any system disruptions. The TCS Board Repair Center can help you be more prepared and save you a lot of money.

Vital 2 Day Service

When your control systems are vital to the productivity of your business or institution your can't wait. We offer Vital 2 day service on your control board repairs. With the help of overnight shipping, we can turn your repair as fast as possible. In a high majority of cases it's still much more cost effective to expedite your repair in 2 days rather than by a new circuit board.

Urgent 5 Day Service

Urgent 5 day service is there when you have a little more breathing room. Depending on your location, this service can utilize 2nd day shipping options and help your budget.

Standard 10 Day Service

If the luxury of time with your circuit board repair, Standard 10 Day Service will fit your needs. Everything can be shipped ground to save money. You will still receive the highest quality repair with our full one year warranty.

To discuss the urgency of your repair delivery, please call our board repair specialists at 734-708-4827.

Please fill in this form and we will respond promptly to discuss your board repair needs. For immediate assistance, please call our board repair specialists at 734-708-4827.

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